9 September 2017, 00:00

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By Will Galang

Hello! Welcome to the latest incarnation of I’m testing the waters all over again, uncertain if I can regain the level of engagement I had before in my old (and now offline) blogs. Conventional blogging is, well, relatively dead or slowly dying, its heydays are long gone. Although I agree with the thought that it’s here to stay in the background. (Nowadays, although Content is still king, Social Media is the reigning queen. For how long, that remains to be seen. It all can be so ephemeral.) But I still enjoy writing. Yes, it’s easier to post a photo online or shoot a quick video using your mobile devices. But for me, there’s something truly satisfying about stringing words together to express your thoughts and ideas.

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Now that I have a newfound resolve — I think — to maintain an online presence to complement my social media channels, I might as well put it to productive use for the satisfaction of my creative side. Not just for the writing part, but for photography as well. I’m not a professional photographer though, just a hobbyist. But I’ll use this place to post pictures as well, old and recent ones.

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