Badly Drawn Girl

12 September 2017, 00:00

Anecdote • Drawing

By Will Galang

There was an art class of sorts at work today handled by artists from the Creative Group. My (younger) co-workers who expressed interest at attending late last week asked me if I wanted to tag along with them. (The event is open to anyone interested, regardless of one’s line of work at the company.) Although I’m technically working on a report, it’s not yet due for a couple of days or what, so off I went with my teammates. (Plus, our team boss was with us anyway. Teehee.)

At the Training Room, with the rest of the participants from other departments, we were swiftly grouped into pairs after a rather somewhat awkward (at least, that’s how I felt) ice-breaker. Before we dove into the actual drawing lessons, we were given a task that would involve our assigned partner — we would sketch each others faces on paper using pencil as medium. I haven’t drawn anything, much less a face, for several years now using whatever method. This certainly was a challenge for me.


My buddy for the drawing activity is Mae from Investments and Finance. We picked a table at the Training Room to do our work after saying our “hellos” and sat across one another. We were only given 10 minutes! With drawing pencils in each other’s hands, we chatted briefly about our respective roles in the organization as we try to work on our assignments. Mae had an easier job. All she had to do is draw a really huge fat circle, slap in some hair, and render some eyeglasses, and voilĂ , already an accurate representation of myself. While I had to apologize in advance if I couldn’t fairly illustrate her well-delineated eyebrows, a remark which drew a hearty chuckle from her.

In the end, all I could muster was a badly drawn face of a young lady I didn’t do justice to. Seriously, I did my best. Forgive me for I already forgot the fundamentals for proportionately drawing a face, so this would have to do. And the whole activity — from the initial sketching salvo to the shading exercises — felt therapeutic for me, a welcome diversion from my day-to-day analytics routine. (Not that I don’t enjoy doing that stuff, okay?)

Till next time.

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