“Oh, The Humanity!”

24 September 2017, 16:55

Anecdote • Culture

By Will Galang

News about certain personalities — religious, deranged, or religiously deranged — crowing about so-called “end-of-the-world” scenarios almost always bring a smile to my face regardless of how life as we know it would all come to a grinding halt. A lot of times, I silently wish that all of it is true and that we’ll meet our fiery end all at once with our mobile devices in hand, filming in futile an apocalypse that would render the meaning of the word “posterity” absolutely meaningless. Maybe Earth deserves a breather, for human beings are the ones corrupting this beautiful planet, marring its terrain with our hideous structures, turning once pristine waters into oceans of filth. Okay, so the world didn’t end today. Tough luck. Maybe let’s wait for a few months and another doomsayer might just come out at the same time a huge asteroid will sneak pass our monitors and hit us without warning. That would be fun. Or maybe not.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Anyway, this vacillation I feel towards the survival of humanity came again into front when I finally sat down to catch “Wonder Woman” specifically the exchange near the end between Diana and Ares. One side of me, maybe the dominant part, sympathizes with what the villain wants — the annihilation of the human species. Simple, really. Kill humanity, we “end all the pain, all the suffering, the destruction that they bring.” Men pray for mercy from their imagined gods yet wish destruction upon people they dislike or even hate. However, the other side of me, the submissive one, sees the love, the kindness, the empathy and wishes for life’s perpetuity. But my opinion does not matter, as I am only a mere spectator, living and breathing for a short period, witness to a minuscule span of time, never to be seen or heard from again once my stint on this world is over and done with.

Maybe I’ll fire up a happier movie next time to bring me happier thoughts. Later, people.

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