Still In The Doldrums

7 October 2017, 22:50

Anecdote • Culture

By Will Galang

Going through a really tough phase, personal and workwise. More on the former though it could impact hugely on the latter. But life is not supposed to be easy even as one grows older — and closer to death. Maybe I really am closer to death. Lately, my mind has been playing songs inside my head, old songs that I haven’t heard in a while yet become lingering ear-worms — “Last Song Syndrome” as Filipinos love to call it. Sometimes I wonder what my brain is up to. Maybe it’s trying to play flashbacks of old songs to bring back memories of my youth so I could die happy. (But I really don’t want to kick the bucket yet. Dang, I’m not that old. There’s a side of me that believes I still have to do a lot of things before I sign off from this thing called life.) And it’s getting more interesting everyday as my head pulls up rather obscure ditties out of nowhere, even from acts that are not so popular globally. Strawberry Switchblade, anyone? Yeah, I guess I’m going to die soon alright.


I wanted to talk politics but everything is so topsy-turvy on my side of the globe it’s so difficult to put up a coherent base when warring political factions are merely spewing self-righteous idiocies meant to appease their respective blind worshippers. Perhaps I’ll just keep on updating the Photography section of this website for now. Off-hours, it’s probably one of the few things that’s keeping my sanity intact nowadays.

Later, people.

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