Birthday Schmirthday

13 October 2017, 00:00

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By Will Galang

Last week, I filed for a leave from the office to coincide with my birthday. The Wifey did the same thing. And today, we just stayed at home, ordered food delivery, and just basically took time off from the rigors of work, unplugged and offline, just taking naps and watching TV. If our lives would be the subject of a reality show, it would be the most boring television show in history.

Birthday Cake

I still remember when birthdays would mean a special day with the family. But when one is older, birthdays would often pass quickly like an uneventful, ordinary day. (I guess my subconscious is longing for my childhood days again.) Maybe I’ll go out and treat The Wifey for a nice lunch or dinner over the weekend. Maybe I can still break bread with my father and younger sister next weekend when they’re free. Maybe I can go out with my closest friends, for coffee and cake and maybe more, within the course of the month, something that I truly look forward to. But that’s about it for me. I’m not really into lavish birthday parties, I never really had one anyway even during those times that I can afford to throw one.

Nowadays is not the best phase of my personal life. But I’m thankful my body continues to hold up to stay alive, be there for The Wifey when she needs me.

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