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Thursday,  30 November 2017

Boy Sisi📎💬

What’s new? Noynoy Aquino always says: “It’s everybody else’s fault but mine.” This man is so perfect he never admitted to any wrongdoing in his entire life. It was always somebody else who made the colossal mistake; who did nothing to alleviate poverty; who gave the “go-signal” that killed multitudes; and so much more. Accountability has never been a trait of this man — and the oppressive haciendado clan to which he belongs. It’s always “the other guy”. It’s always “not me”. Was this recent public announcement of him even a surprise to everyone? Nah. Not even to his worshippers who truly believe he is infallible, like what they think of the entire Aquino-Cojuangco family and their current Liberal Party colleagues and allies. #NoynoyAquino #BlameGame #Accountability #PassingTheBuck #FeelingInfallible #Sanctimonious

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