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Friday,  8 December 2017

Worst Corruption Case?📎💬

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Rigoberto Tiglao gives a more detailed timeline (and sound arguments!) of Noynoy Aquino’s fervor in giving the orders to purchase the now controversial Dengvaxia in his piece “Was Aquino’s P3.5B purchase of the dengue vaccine the worst case of corruption ever?” It is just disappointing how the Philippine mainstream media — owned and controlled by the oligarchs who favor the Aquino-Cojuangco political machinery that remains the heart and soul of the Liberal Party and its Yellow cabal — merely parrots Sanofi Pasteur and is treating the former president with kid gloves. Since the true powers-that-be of this country will not throw Noynoy under the bus, the next best thing the oligarchy can do in this case is make his former Health Secretary Janet Garin the sacrificial lamb in all this to appease global observers. But we know better. #DaangMatuwid #NoynoyAquino #AquinoCojuangco #Corruption #Hypocrisy #Dengvaxia

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