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Saturday,  16 December 2017

The Alley By Vikings📎💬

The Alley By Vikings

After completing our usual Saturday errands, The Wifey and I decided to check out the spanking new dining place near our area called The Alley by Vikings (Facebook Page). We noticed the soft opening a few days back — apparently catering only to VIPs and other selected guests at that time — and now we were curious to find out how its offerings differ from the main Vikings restaurants. The concept is similar to the so-called food park/food hall themed places mushrooming everywhere in the metropolis where several concessionaires are placed alongside a common dining area. However, instead of paying each food providers separately for every order you make, you get billed a fixed price and pay only once after you’re done with your meal regardless of how much you order from the different food establishments within The Alley. (If you’re old enough to remember the place called StreetLife in the old Glorietta in Makati City, then you’ll get what I’m talking about.)

The Alley By Vikings

Wasn’t able to consume as much as I wanted on our first The Alley experience, but I truly enjoyed what we had. There were steaks (albeit limited in types), Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and other cuisines as well. Drinks were aplenty -- from sodas to fruit juices to several types of coffee and tea. And a myriad selection of desserts as well, all part and parcel of the fixed bill. Neat concept, if you ask me. (One big downside to this setup is that when one of the third-party concessionaires starts scrimping on food quality and quantity, it’s going to fall on the Vikings brand.) The restaurant interiors look pretty and appear really clean, including the restrooms. My only complaint with the lavatories? The faucets used were clearly meant for Hot and Cold but there was no hot water in the men’s room. The Wifey gave the same observation on the ladies’ room. I hope Vikings won’t neglect to look into this. Sometimes, it’s the small details that can bring a service establishment down. Regardless, I’ll try to visit this place again soon to see if there’ll be more offerings and also to see if food and service quality improve over time. #TheAlley #Vikings #TheAlleyByVikings #AllYouCanEat #Buffet #Smorgasboard #Manila #Philippines

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