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Saturday,  23 December 2017

Facebook-UMG Licensing Deal📎💬


I’m not big on producing video content (although I am not totally discounting the possibility that I’ll work with such material on my personal sites and blogs someday) but I am somehow elated with this little news that Facebook has signed a deal with Universal Music Group basically allowing Facebook, Instagram, and Oculus users to apply music (from a certain UMG catalog) to user-produced material without fear of their content being taken down for copyright infringement violations. Personally, I laud this move by the social media giant. You know how frustrating it is to have your uploaded video material taken down by the channel you published it into just because you embedded a snippet of music that you are not licensed to use. Well, we can say goodbye to that fear as long we stick to the content legally provided to us by the record labels under the UMG umbrella. Flexibility! End-user wins! (You have all our data anyway, Facebook. A small price to give back to the little people.) #Facebook #UniversalMusicGroup

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

“Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” | Just caught up with the DVD of this visually extravagant futuristic fiction film called “Valerian” (Facebook Page) and I was totally into this despite the rather initially sluggish pace (for me) of the first few sequences. I was skeptical at first with the choice of actors for the two major characters, Major Valerian and Sargeant Laureline but Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne slowly but surely grew on me every minute the film progressed, they carried the film all too well. Also, Rihanna had a part and her character was such a scene-stealer around the last quarter you would have to forgive the preponderance of digital effects that make you sometimes forget that you’re, well, supposedly watching Rihanna. I hope they come up with a sequel for this one despite the movie’s relatively paltry box office take. It was a fun ride! #Valerian #ValerianAndTheCityOfAThousandPlanets #DaneDeHaan #CaraDelevingne

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