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Monday,  25 December 2017

Macho Neanderthal📎💬

Nuel Raynes (c) Nuel Raynes

I don’t know this young woman personally. Just saw this on my social media timeline because it was shared by a friend. I normally wouldn’t comment on issues like this unless someone close to me is involved. But I’m going to give my ten cents anyway. Couples fight out of minor disagreements to major squabbles. But I draw the line at physical violence. Unfortunately, I know a few who assault their partners. There’s this someone who often beats his wife but gets away with bloody murder every single time because nobody around him have the guts to confront him about his brutality. (Scared about the heat he packs, I was told.) It wasn’t pleasant to be around this vicious alpha male. Being the macho Neanderthal that he is, he constantly criticizes people for the smallest of things — mocking his fellow males (especially stay-at-home husbands) for doing housework (which according to him is reserved for women); insulting poor individuals who do not make as much money as he does; beats his family’s dogs at his slightest annoyance — among other despicable things. Yet he professes to be a godly Catholic (Wow!) who goes to mass every Sunday (Awesome!) and brags about his Christian deeds (Amen!) every single chance he gets. Oh, so holy! So ladies, know your partners well. Avoid those who’ll inflict violence on you at the slightest provocation. You all deserve someone better. #DomesticAbuse #DomesticViolence #MaritalViolence #WifeBeater #Hypocrisy #Criminal

Emma Stone as Billie Jean King (c) Fox Searchlight Pictures

“Battle of the Sexes” | You just have to admire the physical and artistic work that Emma Stone had to put in in “Battle of the Sexes” (2017) [Official Site] to play an in-her-prime Billie Jean King. (Caught the movie last night, after The Wifey put it on a spin.) Granting that doubles were used in shooting the highlight tennis match that the movie is all about, one can’t just wing it when it comes to showing those realistic tennis moves — you really have to train exhaustively to be a competitive tennis player (or at least, move like one) in order to play a competitive tennis player on-screen, a multiple champion and a Hall of Famer at that. Respect! You have it from me, Emma. #BattleOfTheSexes #EmmaStone #BillieJeanKing

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