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Saturday,  30 December 2017

Still Surviving📎💬


It’s been a bad year. Personal tragedies and losses which led to the unmasking of true natures of certain people within my immediate circle(s). All these developments simply reinforced my lifelong held views not to be fooled by (1) pious facades, (2) intelligent demeanors, and (3) supposedly elite educational backgrounds. In the end, your fellow human beings will judge you for your earning power, how much stash you have in your bank account, how big your house/condo is, how fancy the car you’re driving or even if you have one to begin with, and most importantly, how much you worship money. (And these are the catolico cerrado ones!) If you don’t bend over to the moolah lords, you’re simply branded as someone with no ambition, someone unworthy of any love and attention. (Goodness, universe! How did I end up being with a moneyed yet elitist, judgmental bunch?) Hey, don’t get me wrong. Money is good. It’s a great tool! Contrary to what people say, it can buy happiness, although temporarily. But I’m not a slave to it. Sorry. Never been. (Never will? I don’t know.) But for some reason, people are irked with me for holding that viewpoint.

But it’s also a good year, in a sense. True friends with broad minds and deep understanding came forward and listened. Shared their thoughts and counseled me to stay strong. Also, I fortunately got accepted for a new formal sector employment as well, an important glue that is currently managing my rationality intact, keeping my mind focused on what needs to be done to aspects of my life still worth holding on to. This coming new year is certain to bring tougher challenges on how to stay afloat on a volatile raft down this violent waters we call life. #Goodbye2017 #GoodYear #BadYear #EverythingElseInBetween

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