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Saturday,  3 February 2018

DLSU Lady Spikers eye three-peat📎💬

#6 Michelle Monique Cobb | Screengrab from Sports and Action TV

Lazy Saturday for me and The Wifey, we just stayed at home to catch some much needed sleep. The past week has been somewhat hectic for us work-wise (more for her though) and decided to just relax for the rest of the day. That means just lolling in bed, mostly glued to the TV. Good timing too as UAAP Women’s Volleyball kicked off today and we just watched the action in the comforts of home. The Wifey roots for De La Salle (her alma mater) and the school’s women’s volleyball team is gunning for a three-peat this season and she’s hoping for a good start against a tough University of Santo Tomas squad — which paraded new recruit Italian 6’1" Milena Alessandrini. We were not disappointed as the DLSU Lady Spikers held their ground in a five-setter. Interesting to see Michelle Cobb move to a full-time setter role after serving as backup to Kim Fajardo last season. We’ll see if this works out for the defending champions. #UAAP #Volleyball #Women #DeLaSalleUniversity #MichelleCobb #MichelleMoniqueCobb

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