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Friday,  9 February 2018

Jazz and Spurs @ Trade Deadline📎💬

Jae Crowder battle Joe Ingles for the loose ball (Copyright: Spencer Heaps)

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the trades (and the non-trades) that my favorite NBA teams — the Utah Jazz and the San Antonio Spurs — just triggered (or not) just before the trade deadline. The Salt Lake City franchise, in a 3-team trade involving the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Sacramento Kings, gave away Rodney Hood and veteran Joe Johnson in exchange for Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose (who is expected to be waived anyway). Of course, there are Jazz faithfuls who have come to love Hood and the trusty vet Joe and openly expressed their honest opinion on the matter through their social media accounts. Regardless, I am sure it won’t take very long before Crowder can endear himself to his new team’s followers. Noted for his defense, toughness, and his ability to comfortably play power forward, shooting forward, and even shooting guard, the Jazz can be more versatile at small ball when needs arise. As for San Antonio, sometimes the best move that you can make is, well, not to make any moves at all. The Spurs is somehow known for keeping their roster intact for the entire season, a thought that long-time veterans Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili echo. Question is, with injuries affecting San Antonio’s rotation throughout the season, can the team remain competitive enough to challenge the Golden State Warriors, the Houston Rockets, and other Western wannabe contenders? Let’s see. #NBA #Basketball #UtahJazz #SanAntonioSpurs #Trades #TradeDeadline

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