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Saturday,  7 April 2018

David Stockton📎💬

David Stockton (c) Salt Lake Tribune

I think the Jazz Basketball top brass made a great Public Relations master stroke when they signed David Stockton for the remainder of the season after the expiration of a couple of 10-day contracts. As the Utah Jazz battles for playoff positioning with three games left in the regular season calendar, the addition of Stockton (even though we know he’s not going to play that much — although we also know that he can) is certain to lure the old-time fans of John Stockton to root harder for the current team. (Witness how delighted the Salt Lake City franchise fans were after David nailed his first field goal, a three-pointer at that.) Spiritual boost for the playoff push! (Daddy John can’t be too far away!) And who knows how far the Jazz will go this season. I refuse to believe they’ll simply be just first-round fodder. (What I hate to see is a Spurs-Jazz first-round matchup though for obvious reasons — I root for both franchises — but the possibility of the two teams getting the matchup is very likely.) #davidstockton #utahjazz #jazzbasketball #nba

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