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Thursday,  12 April 2018



It’s been acknowledged that the level of discourse in Philippine politics is often at the gutter and I couldn’t agree more. Filipinos can’t seem to take opposing political viewpoints without resorting to some sort of personal vilification as a response. But then there are these people who claim they are “disente” (decent) yet show that they’re worse than the personalities on the other side of the political fence that they love to mock (with matching obscenities to boot) as ignorant and uneducated. The problem with putting yourself too high on a pedestal (like this group known for their holier-than-thou self-righteous veneers) is that you expect them to, at the very least, pretend to be the educated ones in a conversation. So, apparently, since I don’t support this political group known for their boasts of being their god’s chosen people, the heroes and saints of the world, the decent ones, the intelligent ones, I’ve been dismissed as just another idiot who loves dictators (I don’t) and tyrants (I don’t). But that’s how their mind works so I can’t really fault them for their collective line of reasoning.

In a recent tweet of mine (and in a lot of my other tweets, actually), I suggested that the Philippine opposition is out to take the government down — something that is not farfetched since history (and good old sense of hindsight!) show us that this particular group have a penchant for putsches when the one sitting at the Palace is not one of their amigos or amigas. Coup d-état? A dime a dozen in this country (hiding behind an acceptable euphemism like “People Power”) and the last successful one in 2001 was carried out by this same gang which put their then ally on top of the political totem pole. (This same bunch even tried to take out this old friend of theirs a few times after she supposedly refused to intercede on a Supreme Court decision to reverse a ruling asking a humongous hacienda to be distributed to its destitute workers. They didn’t see this coming — their once staunch ally turning her back on them. So rumor has it that the next time they’ll do a power grab, they’ll just do that “revolutionary government” thing all over again a la 1986 so they can sit a member of the family that drives this influential political force. And perhaps rule for as long as they want under the pretext of “saving the country”? But why? These people already control everything from oil, power, water, utilities to mainstream news media and entertainment industry. They’re already draining the blood of the poor masa for the past 30 years or so for the widening income gap they are so largely responsible for yet they can’t stay still when someone not moving their political agenda is sitting at Malacañang.) Apologies for the digression.

And their response to my tweet was, I have “big nostrils”. (These guys must be gods and goddesses of beauty.) And they’re badgering me for “proof” for my coup conjecture. LOL! I mean, what? That’s how “disente” people properly respond? They mock me with their superior condescension. (And these are even anonymous accounts! While I’m all out there for the world to see. This decent person even cussed at me — (I’m sure his mother loves him so much for that) and if he is really smart, he would know that there is this thing called agnostic atheism. But he had to bully me with his awesome intelligence). They badly need to change their approach towards improving the level of conversation especially since they are claiming to be the brainy ones in this country. (To think that their social media machinery is a well-oiled one.) Yet look at the manner by which they engage people they deem to be below them. I mean, yes, these people are filthy rich, I give that to them. They are protecting their way of life, so unnecessarily scared to lose their power somehow. But all their material wealth can’t make them educated and refined. Unquestionably, they are so moneyed, mighty, almost invincible, even above the law! They don’t even need to place one of their puppets at the Palace. Unfortunately, their greed can’t be tempered.

That’s enough negativity for today. LOL! I’m just a small fry anyway, no need to waste their valuable time on me. #philippines #pilipinas #politicaldiscourse #gutter #yellowarmy #dilawan

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