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Sunday,  13 May 2018

Sabroso Lechon on Mother’s Day📎💬

Sabroso Lechon

If my mother were still alive today, I’m not sure if she’d approve of my consumption of roasted pork (lechon baboy) to observe Mother’s Day. But then, I would be elated to inform her that this food item has been reclassified as healthy — “a good source of B vitamins and minerals”, and healthier than lamb or beef fat because pork fat is “more unsaturated”. Would have been awesome to still have her around even if to just tell her that she was right about a few of her observations on my life’s biggest decisions. Oh, she would have gloated. (“I told you so!”) I missed her. And in her honor, I savored this quarter of a kilo roasted pork goodness. With two cups of rice. LOL! #roastedpork #lechon #lechonbaboy #sabroso #sabrosolechon

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