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Tuesday,  15 May 2018

Catching Up With EMV Technology📎💬

BPI Debit Mastercard

Late last month, my bank sent me an email saying I can pick up my brand new EMV chip-enabled debit card on May 5, a Saturday, anytime between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Prior family matters precluded me from dropping by my branch on the 5th, so I fired up a direct message (two DMs, actually) the Friday before that to my bank’s Twitter account asking if they could just send my card to a branch near my current place of work. Took them more than 24 hours (on social media) to get back at me. Sure, they can comply with my request, they said, but they will have to charge me 150 PHP for it. (It’s a Service Charge world after all in the Philippine banking industry — to finance the executives’ time on the golf courses. He-he-he.)

Good thing the bank sent me another email saying there are a couple more Saturdays dedicated to the new cards distribution. I was free on the 12th so off I went to my servicing branch to get this thing out of the way. To cut to the chase, I was impressed with the manner by which they handled the card releasing steps and I was out of the bank building in no time at all (even though there were other customers like me who were there to pick up their own cards and I had to listen to staff do their bancassurance cross-selling pitch.) I was so pleased I thanked the officers and staff manning the last phase of the claim, telling them “You guys did a great job here” — pushing the card claim activities on Saturdays (traditionally non-banking days here in the Philippines) to take that specific queue away from the day-to-day transactions. And from the way they smiled back and said their “thank-yous” I can tell they genuinely appreciated my expression of gratefulness for their service. The positive vibes generated by the branch visit erased the bad taste in my mouth caused by that dreadfully-delayed response they gave out to me on social media days earlier. #debitcard #mastercard #emvchip #emvcard #bpi #bankofthephilippineislands #lateincatchingupwithtechnology

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